Romantic Portraits: A Guide to Preparing for Your Engagement Photoshoot

April 3, 2023

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Many people tend to feel a little awkward in front of a camera (one of the many reasons why I choose to stay behind mine) but having memories with your significant other to look back on in five, ten, or even fifty years’ will make all the awkward, silly moments worth it. Whether this is a regular couples session, a proposal, engagement, or anniversary photos; rest assured, this is my passion. I do this all the time, so I wrote this guide to prepare for your engagement photoshoot to make sure you’re feeling at ease and natural during our shoot.

What to Wear Ideas

Wear something that’ll keep you cool in summer or warm in winter, and that’ll make you feel like the absolute best version of yourself. Bring a couple of outfits so that you can play with different options and combinations, or if you get a little sandy/wet/muddy.

  • If you have any pieces in your wardrobe that are textured, sheer, or billowy, fabrics that flow, those capture snapshots of movement and photograph beautiful. Try to avoid stiff garments that can get wrinkled in weird spots or need lots of adjusting.
  • Be careful with loud prints, large logos, and bright colors. These can sometimes distract from the subject of the photo – you!
  • Avoid matching outfits that blend together, instead opt for complementary outfits with a controlled variety of textures and neutral colors so you can look good together without looking like you’re twinning.
  • Depending on locations, try to pick color palettes that will help you stand out against your environment and will be complimented by your background.

Hair, Makeup, Props

I HIGHLY recommend getting your nails done before the session. If you’ll have open-toe shoes or be barefoot, do your toes too. If you want to get glammed up, get your hair and makeup done. I encourage it! If you plan to have professional makeup at your wedding, do your test makeup on the day of your couples session. If you want to accessorize, bring jackets, hats, or props that reflect this time in your life. But remember to keep it real. Authenticity is in the details.

Example props:

  • Champagne
  • Rings
  • Umbrella
  • Sparklers
  • Pets (make sure you have someone to hold the pet for shots of just you two)
  • Food

What to Bring

Bring things that will help you be most comfortable during the session. I always suggest a change of comfy clothes for after the session. Or you can turn it into a date night and go out somewhere nice while you’re dressed up! Pack snacks in case you get hungry, water because the heat can sneak up on you, tequila for liquid courage, basically anything you want to make the session the most fun and enjoyable for you. Don’t forget to pack your props, outfits, and good vibes!

Getting in the Right Headspace

This is THE most important thing for you to remember before your couples photoshoot: set aside some time to do an activity that you love together before the session and get all of that good oxytocin lovey-dovey juju flowing so that you arrive feeling relaxed, happy, and in love. Be mindful of your time around the day so that you aren’t rushing from one thing to another. When a couple shows up to a shoot having had to run seven red lights to get there, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session. Give yourself the gift of a relaxed session and allow plenty of time for showers, grooming, and forgetting things.

If you’ve read all of this and you feel like you want a little bit more info, I’ve got a fully comprehensive guide for all clients on this subject that covers it all!

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