5 Playlists You Need for Your Next Photoshoot


I play music all the time, at the office while I’m working, when I’m doing homework and studying, or when I’m at home cooking, cleaning… you name it! Music is one of my favorite tools to help boost your mood and make you feel and confident. As a photographer, I cannot stress enough the importance of playing music during every session. Regardless of the type of session – couples, family, grads, or portraits – music is a critical tool that I find can help my clients relax and take the edge from an awkward silence. That’s why I’ve created go-to photoshoot music playlists that will instantly boost your mood and make you want to dance, no matter what the session type.

This is why you want to come to your session feeling your absolute best – favorite outfit on, makeup and hair done, and good vibes only. Make sure you do whatever you need to feel good about yourself before your photoshoot, and don’t forget to download the playlists below for an instant mood booster during your session, whatever type of session it may be.

My Go-To Everyday Photoshoot Playlist

There’s a little bit of everything in this photoshoot playlist for those clients who just aren’t picky with music. If you like “everything” from rock, pop, county, hip-hop, and r&b then download this 2.5-hour long playlist of music for your everyday session.

Couples Photoshoot Playlist

This photoshoot playlist is full of love songs from country, pop, rock, and r&b. Download this 3-hour long playlist of music for lovers so you can get in the mood for your couples session!

Family Friendly Playlist

As the fun aunt, I know kids sometimes need a little mood booster so I have created this playlist of kid-friendly songs that will help them get in the best headspace for the session. Download this 4-hour long photoshoot playlist of music for families with young kids to get in the best mood for your family session!

Graduation Playlist

If you’re looking for a photoshoot playlist with music dedicated to celebrating and enjoying the good ole days, this one is for you! Download this 3-hour long playlist of graduation music to get hype while celebrating your big accomplishment!

For the Girls – Boudoir Playlist

This is *my* everyday playlist because I am a girls-girl always, and my top 10 on Apple Music always reflect that. If you’re looking for a playlist that celebrates the woman you are, and reminds you that women are powerful, amazing beings then download this 2.5-hour long playlist of music that will remind you exactly of the hot girl that you are so you can show up to your session feeling confident and ready!

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