your wedding should be about you

As a Florida intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographer, I believe that your wedding should be about celebrating your unique love story. Your wedding day is more than just an event; it should be an unforgettable experience that celebrates where you've been, where you are, and where you're going as a couple. It's about honoring your journey and cherishing the moments that make your love story one-of-a-kind. 

Let’s stop stressing about the seating arrangements and whether or not you have to give everyone a plus one. Instead, let’s do something wild together to celebrate your day—and if it has an epic view, well, that’s even better.

If you’re madly in love with each other, have a spirit of adventure, and would be happy to get married anywhere as long as you’re together, then we’re probably going to be best friends. As a Florida intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographer, I am here to capture those incredible moments that truly reflect your love and adventurous spirit.

in case you didn't know

elopements ain't what they used to be

I have this radical belief that

Remember those old movies where the bride runs away with the groom because her father disapproved of their love? Well, that's not quite what we do here (though if that's your plan, you have my full support!) As a Florida wedding and elopement photographer, this is how I see it: an intimate wedding or adventure elopement is all about celebrating your love story in a way that’s most authentic to you. 

Me? I’m just here to document your day as it unfolds; whether that’s hiking, camping, fishing, jumping on a helicopter, or even skydiving into your vows. 

Who’s this girl that’s obsessed with evergreens, anyway?

I don’t know man, but she seems pretty cool

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m your soon-to-be intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographer

The short of it: I’m a Florida based adventure wedding and elopement photographer who always shoots a hybrid of digital and film, and who is way too into capturing the little moments that get lost during those big, grand weddings. I'm a national park-traveling, adventure-craving, sunset-chasing lover of all things love, and I adore helping couples showcase their love for one another in a smaller, more intimate way.

Like evergreen trees, my photos are everlasting. All of my work is carefully created with the purpose of capturing the warm and intimate moments that make your story truly yours.

Your love story is unique, your wedding should be too.

why shoot 35mm film?

As a Florida intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographer, there's something magical about shooting 35mm film at weddings that digital can't quite match. Shooting weddings on film has made me a better, more thoughtful, and more creative photographer. Having 35mm film included in your wedding package offers a nostalgic form of photos of the most important day of your life.

In a world of digital, instantaneous cameras, working with film brings back simplicity and a slower pace to photography. I can snap thousands of photos at a wedding without even thinking twice when using digital. Film, though, comes with limits. Each roll has 24-36 exposures, so I have to slow down, really think about how I'm framing things, how the lighting is, and time my shots just right to get the perfect image on the first try. I hardly ever have to toss out a film photo, and I'm super picky about the moments I capture on film, so there's rarely an exposure that goes to waste.

Okay, what's the big deal?

ALL weddings and elopements are shot in hybrid with both film & digital

things evergreen photo co. stands for

Connection and kindness

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they feel like their best selves and it is so important to me that I form genuine connections with my clients, because having someone you can consider a friend behind the camera will help you feel so much more comfortable and natural in front of my lens (it makes for the best photos, after all!)

Unfiltered authenticity

At Evergreen Photo Co., one of my core principles is to follow all Leave No Trace protocols to protect the lands we love so much. As a Florida intimate wedding and elopement photographer, it is extremely important to me to educate my clients on LNT. I believe we only have one world, and we all deserve to experience it in its natural beauty.

Inclusivity always

I love love, in all forms. Over here at Evergreen Photo Co you can expect to be welcomed as you are, always. This means no judgment, no awkward poses that don’t reflect you as a couple, and a whole load of acceptance and excitement. My only request is that you be crazy, madly, deeply as in love with your partner as you are your love story.

leave no trace:

I believe in the power of unposed and unscripted moments that reflect the genuine connection between you as a couple. My approach blends documentary and editorial styles, meaning I capture organic interactions and heartfelt emotions just as they happen, while also providing gentle prompts and posing for select shots. My fly-on-the-wall method ensures that when you look back at your photos, you're seeing your day as it truly was: magical, raw, and intimate.

You’ll probably love an intimate wedding or adventure elopement if:

You would rather focus more on your love story than on what your wedding should look like

The only one you have eyes for is your partner (and maybe an epic view - let's go for a hike!)

Instead of saying your vows in front of 100 people, you’d rather say them on the top of a mountain peak

You want photos that make you tear up with the memories of love + laughter for years to come

You know that your love story is unique, and your wedding should be too

You want to have an intentionally intimate and authentic wedding experience

You’re done stressing about planning a big wedding and would rather plan an epic adventure 

where in the world is evergreen photo co?

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Alaska, Australia, Chile, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Oregon, South Africa, Washington, and Wyoming.


the evergreen photo co stats:

"She took our engagement and wedding photos, and they are simply incredible"

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Emily! She took our engagement and wedding photos, and they are simply incredible. Every time we meet she is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable in front of her camera! She provides the perfect amount of guidance - making sure you're going to have exceptional pictures that still feel natural and genuine. I have received so many comments from friends and family about how much they love our photos and raving reviews from our other vendors, who said she was an absolute pleasure to work with at our wedding! Even with some last-minute hiccups on our wedding day, Emily was professional, fun, and flexible. Added bonus: she provided our sneak peeks in record speed! I will, without a doubt, be using Evergreen Photo Co. for all of our future photography needs!

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Whether you’re here for an intimate wedding, an adventure elopement, or just some photos that capture your love story as it truly is, I’m so down!