10 Creative Poses For Your Next Couples Photoshoot

December 17, 2023

Creative Couples Poses for Every Type of Couple

Posing couples shouldn’t be hard. While I tailor pose inspiration for each session individually, I have a few go-to creative couples poses that I try to work into every session. These poses consistently result in some of the cutest photos in the gallery. My approach to creative couples poses involves blending natural interactions with a touch of guidance to bring out genuine emotions and connections. By focusing on these key poses, I can ensure that every couple’s unique personality and love story shine through in their photos. Below are my top ten creative couples poses and prompts for couples sessions.

10 Creative Poses To Save for Your Next Couples Photoshoot

1. The Dip

One person can hold the other by the waist or lower back while gently tilting them backward. This pose adds a touch of elegance and romance.

2. The Forehead/Nose Touch

Stand facing each other and gently touch your foreheads and noses together. This pose conveys tenderness and affection.

3. The Walk

Take a stroll together, holding hands or with your arms around each other’s waists. This pose creates a natural and relaxed look, as if you’re enjoying a leisurely walk.

4. The Staircase

If there are stairs available, have one person stand a few steps higher than the other. Hold hands or reach out towards each other, creating a visually interesting composition

5. The Date Night

Plan a date night and have your photographer document the experience. Whether it’s going out for dinner, attending a concert, or enjoying a picnic, these candid moments of togetherness can tell a story of your love and shared experiences.

6. The Playful Chase

Have one person playfully chase the other, creating a fun and energetic moment. This pose can lead to laughter and genuine smiles.

7. The Surprise Hug

Capture the moment of one person surprising the other with a tight and loving hug from behind. This pose reflects affection and spontaneity.

8. The Hand Kiss

One person holds the other’s hand and kisses it gently.

9. The Piggy-Back

Jump on your partners back and ride ’em cowgirl!

10. The Airplane

Pose standing in front of one another and hold your arms out in a T shape, hold hands, and make an airplane motion with your arms as though you’re flying. Bonus points, if you make airplane sounds while you do it.

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