Ultimate Guide for Adventurous Couples Eloping in the Pacific North West

February 1, 2024

The Ultimate Guide for Adventurous Lovers Planning A PNW Elopement

An increasing number of couples are choosing to embrace the intimacy and adventure of elopements as their preferred way of celebrating their union. Eloping offers you and your partner the opportunity to exchange vows in a manner that is deeply personal and meaningful, free from the constraints and expectations of a traditional wedding. If you’re considering an elopement, look no further than the enchanting and diverse landscapes of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), specifically Oregon and Washington state. From rugged coastlines to lush forests and majestic mountains, the PNW provides the perfect backdrop for your intimate elopement. This guide for eloping in the Pacific North West is designed to assist you in planning your dream PNW elopement, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable process.

Choosing the Right Time of Year & Location for Your PNW Elopement

When planning your ideal PNW elopement, the first question to ponder is, “When and where should we elope?” The Pacific Northwest experiences a range of weather conditions for couples to elope throughout the year, with each season offering its own unique advantages and considerations, as detailed below. This section of my guide for eloping in the Pacific North West will help you make an informed decision.

Pacific Northwest Seasonal Elopement Information

Spring (March-May)

Opt for spring if you wish to avoid extreme weather conditions. This season brings blooming wildflowers, pleasant temperatures, and a vibrant landscape. However, higher elevations may still have patches of snow during early spring.

Summer (June-August)

If you’re seeking extended daylight hours and warm weather, summer is perfect. The prolonged daylight offers exquisite opportunities for capturing the golden hour. Note that summer is a popular tourist season, and occasional afternoon rain showers are common.

Fall (September-November)

The fall foliage in the PNW is a sight to behold, accompanied by comfortable temperatures. The changing leaves create a stunning backdrop. Be prepared for cooler weather, especially at higher altitudes.

Winter (December-February)

For those enchanted by the idea of a snowy and cozy elopement, the PNW’s winter landscapes offer a magical setting. Winter conditions can be challenging, and some areas may be inaccessible due to snow. Thorough planning and preparation are key for a successful winter elopement.

No matter the season, the PNW provides a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement. Your chosen time of year will set the tone for your special day, allowing you to capture the unique beauty of the region. This guide for eloping in the Pacific North West ensures you have all the information to choose the best season for your elopement.


Pacific Northwest Elopement Location Guide

Now that you’ve pinpointed the perfect season for your elopement in the Pacific Northwest, it’s time to select the idyllic spot to exchange your vows. Your chosen location not only sets the tone for your celebration but also shapes the visual aesthetics of your photographs. Whether your heart is set on rugged coastlines, tranquil lakeshores, or the urban charm of the PNW’s cities, Oregon and Washington state offer an array of options. Here are some of the finest elopement locations in this captivating region. My guide for eloping in the Pacific North West will help you find the perfect spot.


Below, I’ve compiled a selection of my favorite elopement venues in Oregon, along with prime elopement timings for each.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

With its iconic Haystack Rock and stunning coastal scenery, Cannon Beach provides a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement. Sunset and golden hour create a magical ambiance.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

This lush and picturesque area offers stunning waterfalls, forested landscapes, and the iconic Multnomah Falls. Morning and late afternoon light beautifully enhance this natural wonder.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

The pristine blue waters of Crater Lake against the backdrop of surrounding cliffs and forests create a truly unique elopement setting. Sunrise ceremonies offer a serene and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Mount Hood, Oregon

The majestic peak of Mount Hood combined with the beauty of nearby forests and alpine meadows make for an enchanting elopement location. Golden hour showcases the mountain’s splendor.


Venture into the enchanting landscapes of Washington for an elopement that’s nothing short of magical.

Olympic National Park, Washington

From lush rainforests to rugged coastline and towering mountains, Olympic National Park offers diverse settings. Sunrise at Hurricane Ridge or a beachside sunset elopement are equally stunning.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The towering Mount Rainier and its surrounding wildflower meadows create a captivating backdrop for your elopement. Sunrise ceremonies provide a golden glow to the landscape.

San Juan Islands, Washington

If an island getaway is your dream, the San Juan Islands offer coastal charm, stunning waterfronts, and a relaxed atmosphere. Sunset ceremonies by the water are incredibly romantic.

Seattle, Washington

For urban-loving couples, the city of Seattle offers a blend of cityscape and water views. The iconic Space Needle and nearby waterfront provide iconic elopement settings.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

Untamed wilderness, alpine lakes, and rugged peaks define this park’s beauty. Sunrise or sunset elopements in this pristine landscape are simply breathtaking.

No matter which location you choose in Oregon and Washington state, your elopement will be a unique and unforgettable celebration of love set against the backdrop of the PNW’s natural wonders. Consider the characteristics and lighting of each location to create lasting memories amidst the stunning scenery of this region. Check out the attached map to discover the best places to elope in the Pacific Northwest.


First and foremost, remember that the decision to include guests in your elopement is entirely yours and your partner’s. It should be a choice you both make together, free from external pressures or stress. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to have guests at your elopement in the Pacific Northwest. Weddings can come with substantial costs, and if you’d prefer to allocate your budget towards creating intimate moments for yourselves, that’s a valid choice. Even a small gathering of about 20 guests can involve expenses for permits (for certain locations), venues, travel, food, and more.

Opting for an intimate ceremony with just the two of you allows for complete freedom over your day, tailored precisely to your desires. Conversely, if the idea of exchanging vows without the presence of your closest family and friends doesn’t feel right, but a large traditional wedding feels overwhelming, a small ceremony with around 20 guests might strike the perfect balance. If you choose this route, scheduling your reception for later in the day will give you ample time to capture cherished moments after the ceremony. Ultimately, deciding on the guest count for your Pacific Northwest elopement marks the start of your lifelong journey together.

If you have any inquiries, concerns, or even the slightest uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to guide you through every step of the process.


Your elopement should comfortably fit within your budget, making it essential to select a photography package that aligns with your needs. If your elopement includes a courthouse ceremony and a streamlined session, a 1-hour package could be a perfect match. For those envisioning various locations and multiple outfit changes, a 3+ hour package might be more suitable. If you plan on having a small ceremony with guests, I recommend a 4+ hour package to ensure sufficient coverage for the ceremony, family photos, and couple portraits. Irrespective of your elopement style, I am committed to tailoring a package that caters to your unique vision.


Whether you opt for a small ceremony, book a venue, or even plan a courthouse visit, early planning is crucial. Secure your date by booking essential vendors such as the photographer, officiant, courthouse appointment, venue, reception, florist, decorations, permits, and any other relevant services as soon as possible. If you need recommendations, I’m always here to assist you in finding the perfect vendors for your special day.


The process of legally getting married requires careful planning. If you plan to be legally married before your elopement, consider scheduling an appointment at your local clerk’s office on a weekday before your elopement date. If you intend to marry on the same day as your elopement and wish to capture those moments, you’ll need to arrange a courthouse appointment in the city or county of your elopement. In the Pacific Northwest, specific requirements may vary, but generally, you’ll need a valid photo ID and social security card. Opting for a pre-marriage course can often reduce marriage license costs and eliminate waiting periods. After obtaining your marriage license, you usually have around 60 days to formalize your marriage.

Here are some Clerk of Court offices in major Pacific Northwest cities:


  • Seattle County Clerk of Court – 600 5th Ave. Seattle, WA 98104 | 206-477-6620
  • Portland County Clerk of Court – 1021 SW 4th Ave. Portland, OR 97204 | 503-988-3003
  • Tacoma County Clerk of Court – 930 Tacoma Ave. S. Tacoma, WA 98402 | 253-798-7455
  • Eugene County Clerk of Court – 125 E 8th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401 | 541-682-4020
  • Vancouver County Clerk of Court – 1200 Franklin St. Vancouver, WA 98660 | 564-397-2200


Many locations require permitting to elope or shoot in specific places. Check out the official NPS site here for more information about permits.


Before finalizing your elopement plans, I always initiate a call to discuss your vision. Establishing a connection is important, as I’ll be entrusted to capture your most cherished moments. After confirming your booking, I’ll create a mood board, scout locations, and craft a timeline to ensure every desired moment is considered. Consider your elopement as an extended experience, allowing ample time to fully embrace the journey. Extending your stay for a honeymoon adds an extra layer of magic.

When packing for your Pacific Northwest elopement, consider the ambiance you wish to create and the chosen location—whether it’s rustic, modern, bohemian, casual, or embracing the outdoors. Let your preferred style guide your clothing choices. Remember, there’s no rule that dictates you must wear traditional white; choose attire that makes you feel authentic. Once clothing is sorted, remember essentials like swimwear, sunscreen, bug repellent, outfits for potential engagement sessions, and comfortable shoes for moving between locations.

On your elopement day, staying hydrated and nourished is vital, given the Pacific Northwest’s varying weather conditions. Ensuring your comfort and nourishment will enhance your overall experience. Detailed directions and parking instructions will be provided to ensure you have all the necessary information. It’s natural to feel a bit nervous, but rest assured, capturing authentic moments is my expertise and passion. While we’ll begin with gentle poses to ease into the experience, much of the session will involve candid, natural shots. My objective is to provide you with a collection of images that feel genuine and true to you. Throughout the day, we’ll share laughter, have fun, and celebrate your extraordinary love story.


The PNW offers an array of enchanting destinations for your honeymoon, right after your elopement. Here are some romantic suggestions for your honeymoon.



Below I have linked several of my favorite locations in Oregon that would make for the perfect honeymoon location.

Cannon Beach

Columbia River Gorge

Crater Lake National Park

Mount Hood


Below I have linked several of my favorite locations in Washington that would make for the perfect honeymoon location.

Olympic National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

San Juan Islands


North Cascades National Park

I am confident that by following this guide for eloping in the Pacific North West, you can plan a memorable and enchanting elopement that captures the true beauty of Oregon and Washington. If you have any further questions or are interested in having me accompany you on your special day, please don’t hesitate to complete my booking form. I consider it a privilege to capture love stories against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s breathtaking landscapes. Whether you seek information or want to document your Pacific Northwest elopement,, please complete my booking form!

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