Top 10 Locations to Take Graduation Photos at the University of Florida

UF Graduation Photoshoot Locations

As a University of Florida alumna, I spent five of the best years of my life exploring this incredible campus. There are so many fun locations around the school, and I have compiled a list of my favorite locations at the University of Florida for your graduation photos.

10 Best Graduation Photo Locations at University of Florida

1. Inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

The University of Florida Football Stadium, also known as the Swamp, is one of the most iconic graduation photo locations on campus. Typically open every day during the off-season and weekdays during football season, the stadium has numerous spots to take photos. You can even get on the field for some fun shots!

2. Gator Walk

Next to the stadium, Gator Walk is probably the second most popular graduation photo location at University of Florida. Located in front of the stadium’s north end zone, it’s typically one of the busiest spots during peak grad season. One of my favorite places to pop champagne and confetti cannons is Gator Walk.

3. Murphree Arches (aka Sledd Arches)

The Murphree Arches are stunning and offer a unique location that doesn’t necessarily feel like a college campus. With lush greenery behind it and beautiful lighting almost any time of day, it’s one of the top graduation photo locations at University of Florida. I personally like to shoot here as close to mid-day as possible. Any location with arches is bound for a beautiful photo.

4. Bull Gator

The Bull Gator statue is another iconic graduation photo location at University of Florida. This statue symbolizes the spirit and pride of UF and provides a great backdrop for celebratory shots.

5. Plaza of the Americas

Most University of Florida students think of the Plaza of the Americas as a courtyard famous for studying, special events, food, and a place to hang out between classes. But as a photographer, its beautiful greenery and the way the light falls through the trees make it a magical location for your grad photos. The lighting here is good all day, and this is an excellent spot for those harsh days when there isn’t a cloud in sight.

6. Heavener Arch (aka UF Arch)

Located at the corner of University and 13th, the UF Arch is a stunning spot to take graduation photos! Anything with an arch can make for a good photo. It has the best lighting later in the day as the sun sets on the southwest side of the arch/Heavener School of Business. A common shot here is a champagne or confetti pop, making it one of the favorite graduation photo locations at University of Florida.

7. Albert and Alberta

If you really want to get in the school spirit, you can take your grad photos with the life-size bronze sculptures of the UF Gators mascots, Albert and Alberta. The statues are located just a short walk from Gator Walk and will add a touch of Gator Pride to your photos. Grads will often pop champagne with the mascots to celebrate.

8. Gator Ubiquity

Located on the west side of the building adjacent to Bryan and Matherly Halls, Gator Ubiquity was inspired by UF’s classic tagline, “The Gator Nation is Everywhere.” This giant bronze statue is a newer piece of art on UF campus and already a landmark. It’s an excellent location for those who want to take a picture with a gator on campus that isn’t the Bull Gator.

9. Century Tower

Located across the street from Turlington Hall, Century Tower is an iconic landmark on UF Campus. Every day, thousands of students hear the sound of the quarter-hour tolls and the music of the 61 bronze bell carillons as they project across campus. The brick tower is 11 stories tall, and three entrances provide access to music students and concert performers, but anyone can take their photos around Century Tower.

10. In Front of Your College

One place many grads forget can be a perfect location for pictures is in front of their college! Where better than the place you spent hours in class, studying, and working towards this degree? Many different colleges even have great indoor lighting if you feel like getting creative with your session.

These graduation photo locations at the University of Florida offer a variety of backdrops to capture your special moments. Whether you choose iconic statues, beautiful greenery, or architectural marvels, each location adds its own charm to your graduation photos.

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