Photos You Can Feel | Summer Engagement Session

June 26, 2023


Ximena and Jacob are so easy and fun to work with. Their dynamic energy and constant movement make my job enjoyable. I love chasing after two lovebirds with my camera. Watching them run around this beautiful grassy field for their summer engagement session was breathtaking. Their love left me in complete awe of how beautiful true love can be.

From the start, Ximena and Jacob’s chemistry was clear. Their outfits matched our laundry-line setup, creating a charming, rustic aesthetic. The setup perfectly complemented the lush, green backdrop. As we moved into the open field, the real magic began. The golden summer sun highlighted their playful interactions and tender moments.

Jacob lifted Ximena, spinning her around as she laughed. Ximena chased after Jacob with joyful abandon. Each shot captured their infectious joy and deep connection, creating a visual story of love and happiness. The setting was idyllic, with tall grass swaying gently and wildflowers adding color.

We took full advantage of the beautiful summer day. We experimented with different angles and perspectives. The open field allowed Ximena and Jacob to truly be themselves. Their natural affection and lightheartedness shone through in every frame. The session was not only productive but also incredibly fun.

As the sun set, casting a golden light, we captured stunning images. Twilight brought calm and intimacy, allowing quiet moments together. The final shots from this summer engagement session were a perfect blend of romance and serenity. These photos encapsulate the beauty of their love story.

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