A Whimsical Downtown Wedding in Tampa, FL at Hotel Haya

March 23, 2024


As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing love stories unfold through my lens. Torey and Sierra’s journey is one that truly warms the heart, a tale of childhood friendship blossoming into a beautiful romance. Let me take you through their story, leading up to their Hotel Haya Wedding in Tampa, Florida.


Childhood Beginnings

It all began in April 1999 when the Georges moved in across the street from the Cardinales. Little did they know this would mark the beginning of a lifelong bond. Torey, just 7 at the time, and Sierra, a mere 3 years old, were destined to become inseparable.

From Friends to More

Fast forward to October 2001, when Torey attended Sierra’s “girls only” 6th birthday party. Clad in a Hanna Montana wig, he joined in the princess-themed festivities, a moment immortalized in a playful picture. Their childhood was filled with shared adventures and laughter, solidifying their bond as best friends from 2000 to 2008. As they grew older, feelings began to shift. In the summer of 2008, Sierra’s middle school friend remarked on Torey’s attractiveness, a sentiment secretly shared by Sierra herself. By 2012, Torey had earned the endearing nickname of “hot neighbor Torey” among Sierra’s circle of friends. The years passed, marked by shared vacations, prom nights, and milestones. Sierra’s dream of attending a university far from home was dashed in April 2014, but Torey found solace in the fact that she would remain close by.

A Blossoming Romance

Their story took a romantic turn in May 2017 when Torey confessed his feelings to Sierra, culminating in their first kiss at a local bar in June. From there, their relationship blossomed, leading to their official start as a couple in September 2018. In December 2018, they embarked on their first solo vacation to St. Augustine, a testament to their growing love and commitment to each other. The years flew by, filled with cherished memories and shared experiences. May 28th, 2022, marked a pivotal moment as Torey proposed to Sierra on Clearwater Beach, surrounded by their loved ones, capturing the essence of their enduring love in a picture-perfect moment.

A Future Together

Their engagement party in August 2022 was a joyous celebration of their future together, while March 2023 saw them prioritize having Sierra’s grandmother, battling cancer, present at their wedding. Finally, on April 1st, 2023, Torey and Sierra exchanged vows in a small ceremony, surrounded by the familiar streets where they grew up, a decision made all the more poignant as Sierra’s grandmother became their guardian angel shortly thereafter.

The Cardinale Wedding

On March 23rd, 2024, Torey and Sierra celebrated their love once again with a grand, traditional wedding at the elegant Hotel Haya in downtown Tampa. Surrounded by supportive family and friends, this event marked the beginning of their happily ever after. The wedding featured enchanting details that made the day truly special and unforgettable.

The reception was adorned with whimsical florals that brought a touch of magic to the venue. Sierra looked breathtaking in her floral dress complemented by a stunning cathedral veil, while Torey and his groomsmen exuded elegance in their champagne and black wedding attire. The color palette added a timeless and sophisticated ambiance to the celebration. For wedding favors, watercolor painters captured beautiful moments of the day on canvas, providing guests with a charming keepsake. Additionally, a cigar bar offered personalized cigars as wedding favors. This added a touch of class and a nod to Tampa’s rich history. The entire day was a blend of romance and elegance, with thoughtful touches that reflected Torey and Sierra’s journey together.

Sierra and Torey’s wedding was a testament to the power of friendship, commitment, and the beauty of a love that withstands the test of time. This beautiful day at Hotel Haya in downtown Tampa will be remembered as a perfect beginning to their new chapter together. If you want a wedding like this and don’t know where to start, check out this blog!


Photographer: Evergreen Photo Co.

Videographer: Imani Lee Creative

Florals: Hanna Joyce Flowers

Planning: Popped Event Planning

Venue: Hotel Haya

HMUA: Adore Bridal Hair and Makeup

Rentals: Gabro Event Services

DJ: Joe Farren Music

Painters: Cherished Rain Art

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